Tiffany & Thomas Engagements

Lamoille Canyon, Nevada

Tiffany & Thomas’s late summer engagements, in Lamoille Canyon near Elko Nevada.

Tiffany has been a friend of mine for about as long as I can remember. We used to have sleep overs on the trampoline, naming star constellations and watching the satellites move about the sky. She moved away in 8th grade and we lost touch until she found me on myspace some time later.  We’ve kept in touch over the years but were never able to get our schedules to pan out for a shoot, well until she got engaged! She’s a fantastic model and Thomas is a hard working great guy. I couldn’t be happier for these two awesome people.

How it all worked out was pretty amazing. She had asked if I’d come down to Elko for the engagement shoot on monday the 8th, but I was actually traveling back to Seattle from Ely for a friends wedding. Elko just happens to be about 30 minutes out of the way. It was a couple hour detour but I couldn’t be happier we did it. I’d never been up to Lamoille Canyon despite being in the Elko area so often. It’s located on the Spring Creek side of the Ruby Mtns, and now I see the appeal. It’s amazing up there.

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