The Experience

seattle-elopement-photographer-1024x682 The Experience

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, but not quite sure of what the entire process of hiring one looks like, here’s some insight to the experience of becoming a Kyle Ford Weddings client. 

First, in my initial email, I point anyone with an inquiry to a blog post of mine in which I talk about what I think is most important when choosing a wedding photographer. If you want to read that blog, you can find that here. I do this because there are some instances where I’m not going to be the correct fit, and I believe that with this big of an investment, both financially and in the fact that these will be your lifelong memories, I have an obligation to show you the right thing. Hopefully, my services meet your needs, but if not, I just want you to find someone who will.

If you decide you’d like to go ahead and become a client, I then send out a welcome packet that includes tips on photographing weddings, as well as tips from makeup artists, from my experiences over the years.
I also request that my clients fill out a detailed questionnaire to help me draw a picture of the wedding day and plan for as many things as I possibly can. I become extremely invested in my client’s wedding days, to the point where I’ve been told, on more than one occasion, that I’m like having an additional bridesmaid.

I’m known for hammering in the nails in the deck of a cabin, fixing the audio on the groom’s laptop which was to provide music for the reception, driving grandma down to the ceremony location and staying up until 3 am fixing the best man video for the next day. I’ve lost count of how many groomsmen ties I’ve tied. In short, if there is a problem and I can solve it, while still being able to capture your moments, I’ll do my best to address them.

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Moreover, organizing pictures with friends and family and the wedding party can be a grueling task that not many couples realize, so my primary goal is to relieve as much stress from your shoulders as possible.

I know you spent countless hours debating on every single aspect of this day, and I take pride in capturing them all. I love the beauty in the details, and I want to make sure you have the flawless day with the perfect images that you dreamt.

Just know that no matter what happens, we’ll make it work! Maximum Effort!

To conclude, I will do whatever I can to make sure you have the day you deserve with the photographs you’ll cherish forever. Let my years of experience guide you through your wedding day.

terrill-jess-seattle-elopement_05-1024x682 The Experience

Terrill + Jess

Kyle shot our engagement photos in Seattle in January. He did an amazing job capturing the beautiful city while maintaining focus on us. He had a variety of poses in mind, which made shooting effortless and efficient. Kyle’s ability to make myself and my fiance feel comfortable right away is also superb; but above all, his photos are indescribably gorgeous. If you’re looking for an adept photographer with an admirable personality, then Kyle is your man.


Dan + Ingrid

Kyle did an incredible job photographing our wedding. My wife and I got married in northern Idaho and Kyle made the drive all the way from Seattle to our venue to capture our wedding day. I think his work speaks for itself, but if you need further convincing, I’ll say that he is very personable, hard-working, dedicated to craftsmanship, focused on client needs, and easy to work with. He’s not afraid to head outdoors, or hike up a mountain to get some good photos, so if you want to do a good outdoor shoot, Kyle is your man. He was also very good with our families. Kyle was effortless to work with, and he really helped contribute to a relaxed atmosphere at our wedding. He came prepared and got some amazing shots both on digital and on film. My wife hates being photographed, but Kyle helped set her at ease, and all our photos turned out great.


schweiter-summer-wedding_84-1024x683 The Experience
044-colorado-farm-wedding--1024x679 The Experience

Gina + Evan

No words can describe how amazing they (the photographs) are and how much I love them. I can’t thank you enough for coming out. You and Sarah both did such an incredible job, and I’m so in love with our photos. Thank you, thank you, you guys are the best.