Point Reyes Engagements

Brad + Leslie

The day following Brad’s proposal at the Golden Gate Bridge we headed north up to shoot some Point Reyes engagements. We hopped in the car and drove up the coast hitting a few spots as we went. Initially, we intended to head to the Redwoods as well but the views at Point Reyes were too beautiful not to wait for some evening light there.

We had a little pit stop at the Point Reyes shipwreck, which is sadly partially burnt due to the negligence of a photographer spinning steel wool last year. It’s still a cool stop to make. You can’t make a trip to Point Reyes without checking out the Cyprus tree tunnel either. Even in the harshest light where trees are few and far between, you’ll always find some great shade here. I think I killed a couple rolls of film at this location alone.

After the Cyprus trees, we had some time to kill before we had some favorable lighting. We went and had some killer oysters at Point Reyes Station and made it back just as the sun peeked below the clouds on the horizon. I can’t thank these two enough for braving the cold bitter wind that was howling all damn day out on the coast.

We met up again the next day for some afternoon hangs and exploring of San Fransico.

There is a fairly solid mix of 5D 4 files, Portra 400 120, and Fuji 400H 135.

Quick dance party at the Point Reyes shipwreck. 

Brad grabbed a few shots of Leslie while I was in the bathroom

Point Reyes Engagement

A Day in San Fransisco

Can’t leave home without your favorite koozie.



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