Three Rivers Idaho Wedding

Kooskia, Idaho

What a freaking location! That’s all I can say about Owen and Rebecca’s Three Rivers Idaho wedding, near Kooskia. It was a short flight into Lewiston and an absolutely gorgeous 2-hour drive along the river to the wedding location. The venue for the wedding the was Three Rivers Motel which is aptly named as it sits between two rivers merging into one. Owen and Rebecca would often note this landmark as they traveled to visit each other during college. It was only fitting that they merge their lives together here just as the rivers merge here as well. Also following the symbolism of the location the custom wedding bands have the same two rivers merging into one on them. Such a unique cool idea.

Growing up with Owen and his family, it was such a pleasure to capture his wedding day. Not only catching up with his family but meeting all of his friends. So happy for this couple and so pumped on the images.