Kyle & Sara’s Sun Mountain Lodge Wedding

Winter mountain lodge wedding in Washington

Seattle wedding photographer Kyle Ford, captures a gorgeous Sun Mountain Lodge wedding. Kyle & Sara’s wedding was held at the wonderful Sun Mountain Lodge just outside of Winthrop, Washington. The location was incredible, from the snow capped Cascade Mountains to the rustic lodge. The staff was incredibly accommodating as well.  One of my favorite venues to shoot at thus far. I actually work for Kyle’s family’s engineering company for my day job, so it was very interesting seeing everyone outside of the workplace. I am so glad I was a part of this great families celebration!

The couple really toughed out the cold weather at sunset so we could capture some really great images despite the very short amount of daylight we had to work with. The groom’s family even invited me into their large table for dinner the night before the wedding as I was sitting alone for dinner. The night ended up with them all trying to set me up on a date with the groom’s uncles daughter-in-law. That was most definitely a first for me.


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