Center for Urban Horticulture Wedding

The Campbell – Yu  party had a UW Center for Urban Horticulture wedding which is part of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens.

This was the first Seattle wedding since my move, back in February and I am so stoked it was these two amazing people. I met JJ & Gina though a mutual friend and I knew right away I loved these guys. They are so full of life and happiness, it’s impossible not to catch it when you’re around them. JJ is a diehard Seattle sports fan and Gina may be even more, it’s brilliant.  JJ & Gina had an amazing wedding in Taiwan at the end of last year, so this was the US version. This was also her families first time in the United States, it was so awesome watching everyone one come together to celebrate these two wonderful people. 

Thank you guys so much for having me at your wedding, you guys are so freaking RAD!!

center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_00 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_01 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_02 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_03 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_04 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_05 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_06 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_07 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_08 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_09 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_10 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_11 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding
center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_13 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_14 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_15 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_16 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_17 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding center-for-urban-horticulture-wedding-photos_18 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 JJ + Gina CUH Wedding