Super 8 wedding film at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah.

I took my new-to-me Super 8 camera with me to shoot Kurt & Aly’s wedding portraits at the Bonneville Salt Flats here in Utah. This was my first roll through the camera, and I had no idea how long the roll would last, I almost thought that it was broken because it was lasting longer than what I thought it should be in my mind. I just kept shooting them walking, thinking that this roll isn’t turning out, it should be gone by now. It wasn’t!

Turns out, it was working great! The Canon 514XL is a sturdy camera that’s super easy to use. Just like with all video I shoot, I wish I would have held some shots just a little longer for the cut.

As this was my first roll, I didn’t even know where I should get it developed. I reached out to my local film lab, The FIND Lab here in Utah. I had assumed correctly that they don’t do Super 8, but they directed in me to a woman named Jen Golay. A fellow film photographer based in Iowa who does AMAZING super 8 work. She was so kind as to point me towards her preferred lab, Pro8mm. She also gave me some great tips on shooting my particular camera in the future.

I mailed off the film with a thumb drive, a couple of weeks later my thumb drive and reel of film arrived in my mailbox. Firstly, Sorry Pro8mm, I had no idea how slow that drive was, yikes.

The file was super easy to get into Premier and cut together! I absolutely love the jankyness of the super 8 film. I can’t wait to shoot more. I hope you enjoyed the wedding video.

One question I’ve got was how expensive it is to shoot super 8, and well, it’s not cheap. The film is about 40-70 bucks a roll and about 70 to get developed. That’s just for the Tri-X, so plan accordingly!