Elegant Outdoor Styled Bridal

For Cicada Bridal at Camp Korey, Washington

My first styled wedding shoot is this elegant outdoor styled bridal session. I collaborated¬†with Sarah Acord, Cicada Bridal, and Camp Korey to put this together. In all honesty,¬†Sarah did most of the legwork on rounding up vendors and the location. I just showed up with my gear and shot. It’s going to be a lot of fun shooting weddings with her in the future, we both bring a variety of strengths to the table.

Sarah and I made use of our free Saturday afternoon before the shoot to head to the Public Market at Pike Place in downtown Seattle to find some awesome flowers. The time of the shoot was constrained due to everyone’s schedules which meant it had to happen in the early afternoon, which I was concerned about the placement of the sun at the time. Luckily, Camp Korey has a variety of locations; it wasn’t an issue.

Huge shout out to the team and Camp Korey for being so accommodating.

Dresses: Cicada Bridal

Location: Camp Korey

Hair: Kaio Wilker

Makeup: Makeup by Hendra & Makeup by Dion


Natalie Upton

Madison Moilanen

Sanya Nijjar

James Chrosniak



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