When you begin planning for your wedding, often you dream of the place you’d love to be married before you imagine all of the other details. The place defines so much of the vibe you’re trying to achieve and all other details added to the venue help to create that ambiance.

Many couples choose their venues first, the photographers second and then planner (or they might be second before the photographer depending), florals, cake, caterer and DJ after that.

This is a fairly natural progression, but I believe if you take advice from a photographer about which venue will create the exact right vibe you’re going for, you’ll be thrilled with the celebration itself and the photographs you’ll have from it for the rest of your life! Photographers also, often see the nuanced potential of different locations within the venue that will further drive home the vibe/look you are hoping to achieve. Photographers will see (based on the quality of light, interesting spaces and backdrops) where exactly you’ll want to do portraits and formals to further create that!

So I created a list of my 5 favorite venues in Seattle to shoot (and where to shoot at those venues) to maximize the look and feel for photos and for my clients and their guests. These are venues that provide stunning backgrounds and amazing light to create memorable portraits and an experience for the entire wedding!

top 5 wedding venues in seattle


In this free guide, I outline not only why they are my favorite but also the details such as:

  • Contact Information
  • Capacity
  • Accessibility
  • Catering and Bar Questions
  • Bride Room
  • Price Range
  • Photos of the Venue



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