I am a Seattle-based wedding photographer. Things I love include the Northwestern coast, my large cats Fatty and Onyx, international galavanting and the complexions of my homeland in rural Nevada. Although I shoot film on a variety of bodies, nothing makes me blush quite like the love I have for my Leica M3. I’m curious. I like to turn rocks. I like to find things. And if I’m lucky enough to find something I simply hope to learn about it, take a photo and leave it as I found it. Photography for me is about capturing the delicate subtlety and nuance that surrounds an experience. An endless pursuit of light driven by admiration. I shoot weddings because I love the challenge, and I enjoy reminding people how beautiful their wedding day was. My goal is simple: to deliver photographs that move you on an emotional level and capture moments that may have gone unnoticed; maximum effort.

Tid Bits


• I love meeting fellow photographers from around the world! Let’s connect on social media and if you find yourself in Seattle, I’ll show you a few great spots.

• I’m a Star Wars nerd, big time.

• I may just bust out a back flip at your wedding; it’s the only dance move I’ve got.

Photo by: Sarah Acord