Hurricane Ridge Elopement

Chas + Leann

Port Angeles, WA

Chas & Leanne held their Hurricane Ridge elopement on a very cold fall day. We couldn’t have got a better break with the weather, as it had been raining the entire week before we headed to the peninsula. Leann was such a trooper braving the cold in her gorgeous, yet thin dress. The images are totally worth it in my opinion.

I say that because I was completely bundled up with a beanie and heavy coat. Cold aside, the weather was amazing. We had wonderful fog, and spots of sun throughout the session. This was actually not the original choice for Chas & Leann’s elopement. Due to the wildfires, we had to abandon the plans of using an abanded fire lookout in the Cascades.

I really love elopements because of the simplicity and intimacy of the weddings. It was the Leann, Chas, the officiant, and myself present for the ceremony. We did grab a tourist to sign the license to make it official. Shout out to Gary, and also the random kid who photobombed the ceremony.

This was a hybrid digital/film elopement. Film shots are Portra 400 developed by The Find Lab

Thank you guys so much for having me out to capture this gorgeous session and for braving the cold! Congrats!

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