Asgard wedding photographer – Kyle Ford

As an Asgard wedding photographer, I’m upset with Thor and Hela destroying the world I love so much.

I look back with fondness of my last time visiting Asgard. My first time walking across the Bifrost bridge, glimmering like a rainbow that was alive. My footsteps all brought a wonderful light below them and wonderful sound as you stepped. Almost as if it were a musical instrument. I’ve used this bridge in so many wedding photos I can’t count. It seems the Bifrost is something the Asgardians hold sacred and taking the iconic photo on the Bifrost bridge is a symbolic right of passage to marriage.

Frost Giants Invade

I remember one wedding the Frost Giants showed up and crashed the wedding. Boy was Odin pissed. They let Fenrir the wolf run rampant. In an attempt to corral the animal, the beast removed Tyr’s hand. And you thought that the rambling father of the bride speeches were awkward.

My last days as an Asgard wedding photographer came too soon. Thor carelessly let the demon regain the crown of the eternal flame. Hela attempted to defeat him as her father did but Surtur drove his blade deep into the planet. As a result, it is difficult to find places to photograph.

Here’s a video of me rambling about asgard.

Why I’m an Asgard Wedding Photographer

Here are some images of me doing my thing on Asgard.

Asgard Wedding Photographer
Doing my thing as an Asgard Wedding Photographer
asgard wedding photographer photographing beautiful rings
Asgard ring are so beatiful

Asgardian Photographer Tips

Check out my blog post on why I think I’m the best photographer on Asgard and the nine realms. Loki doesn’t have anything on me, he’s a hack.

I’ve caught Loki running around with Fenrir trying to ambush my clients with that angry dog. He’s nothing but trouble but for some reason, Odin keeps him around.

Also check out my kit list on the gear you need to be the second best photographer in the nine realms because unless thor makes a camera obscura out of Mjolnir, I’m not going anywhere. Last we saw of him he was the size of a hulk keg yelling at kids on Fortnite.

bride and groom embrace in fog
On top of Valhalla

This beautiful wedding atop the tallest mountain in Valhalla. All was well until it was revealed that Loki was actually the groom and had tricked the beautiful bride into falling in love with him. He transformed into a mare and ran off with Svadilfari the stallion. I’ve since heard that he mothered Odin’s shamanic horse. Quite the trickster that one.

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